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Easter Island Statue Preservation Foundation
225 Arizona Ave Suite 500
Santa Monica, CA 90401

 Voice 1 310 395-6502
FAX 1 301 456-8604

Dear Friend(s),

This letter is written in grateful acknowledgement of your generous donation to the Easter Island Statue Preservation Foundation today.  These funds are essential and very welcome as we pursue our goal of archaeological conservation in collaboration with the Easter Island Statue Project (EISP).  This contribution has been completed and you will be receiving an email confirmation of your donation from mail@eisp.org. Please continue to follow our project on eisp.org or at Facebook and Twitter as we update our reports and blogs.

Thank you very much for your concern for historic preservation, and for becoming a Friend of EISP.  Together we can accomplish this monumental task!

Very best regards,

Jo Anne Van Tilburg
Easter Island Statue Preservation Foundation
U.S.Federal I.D. No. 45-4057949


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