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Research Documents

Research Documents and Publications

Comparative studies across Polynesian cultures add insight into the development of Rapa Nui culture

  1. Fieldwork on the Islands of Oreor and Babeldaob, Republic of Belau (Palau), Micronesia, 1987
  2. Palau Statue Survey Map & Data Table: 1987
  3. School of the Pacific Islands in Republic of Belau (Palau)

Some interesting field notes and documents from the EISP Archives. Click on images for a larger view.

  1. Ahu Akahanga 07-581
  2. Ahu Akahanga 07-584
  3. Ahu O’Pepe 20-001
  4. Ahu Tangi Uka
  5. Ahu Tongariki: Moai 14-548-009
  6. Ahu Vai Mata 32-059 & Moai 32-023-001
  7. Ahu Vaihu 06-255
  8. Ahu Vinapu: Moai 02-210-004
  9. Bas-relief Dorsal Designs
  10. Basalt Statue, PSE 84
  11. Statue Material & Base Shape Distribution Histograms
  12. Easter Island Quadrangle Map
  13. Makemake Rock Art Motifs
  14. Measuring Calipers
  15. Moai A Hani
  16. Moai at the Fonck Museum, Viña Del Mar, Chile
  17. Moai Paro Digital Reconstruction
  18. Palau Statue Survey Map & Data Table: 1987
  19. Rano Raraku Exterior Quarry: Moai sketches and neck tracings (RR-002-077)
  20. Rano Raraku Interior, Moai RR-03C-011
  21. Rano Raraku Slope, Small Moai “Little Tukuturi”
  22. Sketch of Rano Raraku Exterior Quarry
  23. Smithsonian Moai SI-WDC-001
  24. Statue Distribution Map
  25. Statue Shape Variation
  26. Statues Along Transport Roads
  27. Trachite Statue, Ahu 1, Poike
  28. Trachite Statue, Poike
  29. Transport Experiment: Measurement Diagrams & Models
  30. Vinapu Pukao, 02-210
  31. Ahu Akahanga, Moai 07-585-001

Our work on Easter Island has involved thinking about many varied topics. We give frequent professional presentations and public lectures based on written papers. In this section, we would like to share with you some of the presentations that, in many cases, are works in progress. Your feedback invited.

  1. Getting the Picture: Archaeological Inventory, Database Imagery, and Preservation of Easter Island Statues
  1. Among Stone Giants: The Life of Katherine Routledge and Her Remarkable Expedition to Easter Island
  2. Easter Island: Archaeology, Ecology, and Culture
  3. Finding Solutions for Protecting and Sharing Archaeological Heritage Resources
  4. EISP Publications Order Form
  5. Recording, Documentation, and Information Management for the Conservation of Heritage Places
  6. Remote Possibilities: Hoa Hakananai’a and HMS Topaze on Rapa Nui
  7. Mana Press: The Iconic Tattooed Man of Easter Island