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Our work on Easter Island has involved thinking about many varied topics. We give frequent professional presentations and public lectures based on written papers. In this section, we would like to share with you some of the presentations that, in many cases, are works in progress. Your feedback invited.

Getting the Picture: Archaeological Inventory, Database Imagery, and Preservation of Easter Island Statues

This is a condensed and edited version of an address given at the Getty Conservation Institute in October, 2004.


The Easter Island Statue Project (EISP) is an archaeological inventory designed to locate and document every monolithic stone sculpture (moai) on Rapa Nui.  Our research purpose is to amass large quantities of objective data in standardized ways, and to employ data analysis strategies that enable recognition of principle motif patterns, define the design canon and illustrate cultural norms. This paper describes three aspects of the project: the collection and maintenance of raw data, database strategy and management, and statue environmental damage and condition assessment reports.
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