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In memoriam: Jimmy Buffett

In memoriam
Jimmy Buffett


Jimmy and I began planning our trip to Rapa Nui in 2015, and his excited emails arrived from various global ports of call until finally a window opened in his schedule for 2016. His first idea was for a concert on the island with legions of friends and fans flying in to join the fun. As time passed, however, Jimmy changed his mind and really seemed to want a quiet, more contemplative visit. He imagined himself and his guitar with the world-famous Easter Island statues and the strains of “Delaney Sings to Statues” in the background. I did my best to accommodate his wishes, and we arrived from Tahiti with a small group: Jane, Jimmy, and me and a couple of their trusted staff members. He visited my archaeological site, greeted everyone he met with his warm smile, and went surfing with the locals.  One day he sang “One Particular Harbor” in the shadow of the island’s most perfect statues. We watched and listened that day on ‘Anakena beach, the spot we all imagined was the first place ancient Polynesian explorers first beached their voyaging canoe. It was beyond perfect, as always, and he was happy.  We all have our favorite Jimmy Buffet songs, and mine is “Love in the Library.” We were a long way from home on that trip to Rapa Nui, but for me home arrived on the familiar and much loved wings of that Jimmy Buffett song.


Donations in his memory may be made to Jimmy’s foundation:  https://www.singingforchange.org/


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Jo Anne Van Tilburg, Ph.D. Director, EISP | September 13th, 2023 |

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