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Since 1990, we have led yearly tours to Easter Island for Archaeological Tours (New York) and British Museum Traveller (now The Traveller). These tours have been unfailingly interesting for us, and allowed us to meet many stimulating individuals who share our love of the island. Here, we would like to share with you some of their thoughts and ruminations on their experiences with us.

Reflections on the Island

by Christopher Weeks,  December 8, 2003

On a map of the Pacific Ocean, Easter Island is a dot – just fifteen miles wide at its longest dimension – in the middle of nowhere. Located two thousand four hundred miles west of South America and almost two thousand miles east of the nearest populated islands of Polynesia, it is the world’s most remote inhabited place. To the three thousand people who live here it is also known as ”Rapa Nui”, which is also how they identify their language and the culture which has been passed down to them through countless generations.

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Easter Island, the Loneliest World Ever Settled by Man



By Francis B. Randall

My cup runneth over.  Thirty three years ago I had the great good fortune to visit Easter Island, and now I have come back from an almost unimaginable (and undeserved) second visit to the loneliest world ever settled by man.  Let me first present my thoughts written at that now remote time, complete with what I now know were prevailing errors and blindnesses about the future.  What errors and blindnesses will I write into my account of this second journey? [Read More…]

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