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Project Office

Easter Island Statue Project
225 Arizona Avenue, Studio 500
Santa Monica, CA. 90401
United States of America

Phone: (310) 395-6502

Field Office

Mana Gallery/Galería Mana
Petero Atamu s/n
Hanga Roa, Rapa Nui



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EISP Project Staff

Cristian Arevalo Pakarati and Dr. Jo Anne Van TilburgJo Anne Van Tilburg, Ph.D.
Director, EISP

Archaeologist; Director, UCLA Rock Art Archive; Fellow, Cotsen Institute of Archaeology; Project Director, Easter Island Statue Project Conservation Initiative

Cristián Arévalo Pakarati
Co-director, EISP

Native Rapa Nui professional artist and illustrator; surveyor; EISP project participant 1989-2000; project co-Director, 2000-present; co-owner, with Jo Anne Van Tilburg, of Galería Mana, Hanga Roa, Rapa Nui, Chile

 EISP Office Staff

Alice HomAlice L. Hom
Design Consultant, Data Manager, EISP



Summer 2016 Staff

Sebastian Waz

Sarah Roberts

Abhishek Goel

Diana Garcia

EISP Office Volunteers

Wendy All

Wendy All is a designer, linguist, author and volunteer with the UCLA Rock Art Archive since 1998. She has been part of the EISP since 2012.



Audrey Kopp

Audrey Kopp, retired mathematics teacher and long time volunteer at the UCLA Rock Art Archive, learned editing and writing skills as a staff member of the UCLA Daily Bruin during her student days. She is happily using the skills again for both the Archive and the EISP.


Ed Schoch
Data reduction and analysis and miscellaneous odd jobs


EISP Field Collaborators

Matthew Bates, P.E.Matthew Bates; P.E.
Field Surveyor



Baiheri Tuki Haoa
Photographer and Collections Records



A40_2011_55_004Tahira Edmunds
Data Collection and Transfer



EISP Conservation Project Initiative Collaborators

Monica Bahamondez PrietoMonica Bahamondez Prieto
Conservador Jefa, Centro Nacional de Conservación y Restauración, Santiago de Chile


Christian FischerChristian Fischer, Ph.D.
Research Associate, Cotsen Institute of Archaeology at UCLA



Former staff

Kim Anh Hoang, Designer and Database Editor

Julia Newbold, Research Assistant

Deidre Whitmore, Database Editor and Research Assistant

Amanda Spradling, Digital Files Editor

Yeisi Pinochet, Archives Manager

Sarah Nava, Archaeologist, GIS Specialist

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